Google Algorithm Update, MAYDAY, Affects Ranking

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If your website is getting fewer visitors from Google, the recent update could be the reason for that.

In the online forum at, many webmasters cried out their concerns and experience with Google latest ranking algorithm update that has been given the name Mayday.

So, what exactly has happened?

For starters, many webmasters have seen a huge drop in traffic from Google Organic/Natural/Free Search Results for long tail keywords, i.e. for keyword phrases that are three or more keywords long.

The ranking did not affect to anyone in particular like spammers but it has affected websites many legitimate websites – even 10 year old site with a Google PageRank of 6 or higher and with over 100,000 backlinks have been affected by this.

The forum is filled with painful tale of webmasters who have lost up to 90% of their traffic from Google because they cannot be found anymore for the long keyword phrases.

So, why did it happen?

It happened not as a penalty but because of a change in Google’s ranking algorithm. This is perfectly normal. All search engines tweak and update their algorithm periodically to make it difficult for websites to rank. However, this update is important. Google might now be able to index longer keyword phrases more accurately.

The new Google patent indicates that Google now has the computing power to index longer keyword phrases on web pages instead of guessing them.

So, do you have to make modifications to your web pages?

Simply put – Yes.

If you have noticed a significant decline in traffic to your website from Google you might have to change your web pages. For example, if you want to be found for “Computer Repair San Diego” then these exact words should appear identically and prominently on your website – In your Title Tags, Heading Tags, Bold Font, Etc.; And, if you use a keyword phrase cluster variation such as “San Diego Computer Repair” then you’ll probably get listings for that variation but not for other word combination.

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