How Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance Affect Your Website Ranking

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Yahoo just announced that the organic search results on Yahoo will be powered by Bing beginning in August 2010.

According to Media Post’s recent article, Bing has already begun to power results in Yahoo Search pages. At present, about 25% of natural search results and about 3% of paid search results in Yahoo SRPs are generated by Bing.

According to the latest researched data from comScore, Yahoo and Microsoft sites had a combined search market share of 31.6% in June 2010 with a total of 5.4 billion search queries in one month. This means that you if you only concentrate on Google alone, you are leaving money on the table.

Hence, having your website ranking well for the right keywords on Bing search results is of considerable more importance than before. You will get a lot of website visitors (31% more) that are interested in what you have to offer.

This will also make your website less dependent on Google.

So, how do you optimize your web pages for Bing?
Optimizing your web pages for Bing is not much different from optimizing your web pages for Google. If you want to see your website on the first search result page then just like Google, Bing requires optimized web pages with good inbound links and keyword rich content.

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