Why Should I Spend My Hard Earned Money on SEO?

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Why SEO? or Why SEO Services?

Before I start convincing you about why you should spend your money on SEO, I want to tell you a story.

You will have to use your imagination for this. Imagine that…

You are back in the day, like 1998, 1999, and it’s your wife’s birthday.

She has been so wonderful to you so you are in the mood to spoil her. You want to get her some flowers, and a beautiful diamond bracelet, and then take her out for a nice dinner – Lucky gal.

My bet is you used the beautiful soft covered silky infamous yellow pages. Remember that we are in the late 90’s. Internet was in it’s infancy and we did not have broad band fast internet service. If you were lucky and could afford the internet service you probably had dial-up with AOL.

So, of course you had to use the telephone book to get your ideas of where to go for dinner and you needed the phone number to make the reservations.

What about the jewelry store, which one were you going to pick?

Could it possibly be the one that had the biggest ad in the center of the page or would it be the one that had just its name and phone number along with all the others?

Ah, but you do know the name of the local flower shop you want to go to, you just need the phone number. So you look them up by name in the yellow pages.

But wait…

The little flower shop on the corner hasn’t advertised and so you can’t call them to place your order, and you had heard that there was a nice Italian Restaurant in downtown, but they didn’t advertise (in the restaurant section) either.

So you picked another one that had advertised because they probably wanted your business more.

And, you found the jewelry store you were going to get the bracelet from because their big ad in the center gave you all the information you needed like the specialty, hours of operation, and they told you that they had the widest selection and best prices.

You’re done.

Your wife will be very happy with you – all because of the handy dandy yellow pages.

Now fast forward to present day.

Same scenario, your wife’s just a few years older, and you are savvier.

Where will you go now to find the information now?

That sexy yellow thing is hopefully in the garbage by now, and you are probably sitting at your computer, or your blackberry.

The days of walking your fingers through the pages are gone.

Life is sweet, just type in a few keywords on search engines like Google or Yahoo and you’ll have the world at your finger tips. There will be pages in-front of your eyes filled with suggestions and options.

Am I right?

So, can we agree that search engines have now replaced the yellow pages.

If you want to know more about search engines and how they work go to What are search engines?

In the business world however, some things haven’t changed at all.

People still need what they need, want what they want; they still search for the same things, just in different ways now. They no longer are limited in their options. But the basic premise has not changed.

Back then if you had a business what would you do to make it successful?

You would advertise, you may even put up a bill board, you would do direct mail, you may do telephone marketing; you would definitely advertise in the yellow pages, you would even spend a whole lot more money to get a prime location.

Isn’t it funny, back then, you were willing to spend all that money on advertising if you could increase your business, and you were only reaching the people in your immediate vicinity?

I mean for the jeweler who had the bill board was only advertising for people who drove down that same road every day. The person who might have needed the services would have never seen the sign because he may have lived on the other side of town or the next city down and never used the road the billboard was on.

If you want to succeed in today’s world and you are businessman/women, you will have to change. You no longer have to spend money on bill boards or the yellow pages, or direct mail. You don’t even need a prime location. You can make money out of your home.

The only thing that has to change is your thinking of how to spend your advertising dollars. And the biggest benefit you as the business person will get, is you no longer will be catering only to those in your vicinity, you can now cater to the whole world, through the World Wide Web (WWW).

So, if by now you haven’t figured out why you should spend your hard earned money on SEO let me just spell it out for you.


FACT – 80% of people looking for something find it on the internet.

Is your business already on the internet?”

FACT – 80% of those people looking will click on the first page results.

“Is your business on the first page of major search engines?”

FACT – 60% of those who clicked on the first page bought from one of those companies.

“Is your business selling what they are looking for?”

  • How much is it worth for you to get your website showing on the top pages of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN?
  • Do you think that would increase your business?
  • How much would you spend on a prime location because you knew that your store would be visible by all walk in traffic?
  • How much would you be willing to spend if you knew you could double the number of people walking into your store to browse?
  • How many of those visitors would you be able to convert into customers?
  • And, how many of those customers will become repeat customers?

Are you getting the picture?

Is it worth spending your advertising dollars on optimizing your site?

If you answered yes, then you should consider Professional SEO Services to get you on your way to ranking higher.

Remember, search engine optimization is not a destination, it is a process. Just like if you stopped advertising on the bill board people would forget about you, or if you were at the back of a dead end mall, you’re not going to see any traffic. SEO is as simple as that.

Hope this answered why you should spend your hard earned money on SEO….

To make more money of course.

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