WordPress 3.1 Features, Release and Changes

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It’s Almost Time To Upgrade To WordPress 3.1

From what we have heard through our WordPress pals on the inside, we believe that we are looking at the highly anticipated new release of the WordPress 3.1 software soon.

New WordPress 3.1 Features

From the WordPress Codex and news from around the web, here’s a small list of the features:

  • Bug Fixes – This is standard with all the upgrades
  • Admin Bar – A new global drop-down menu for quick internal navigation
  • Post Templates – Similar to the existing Page template function but allowing for greater creativity and efficiency in creating posts
  • List-Type Admin – This allows to sort and swap admin columns for improved navigation
  • and pagination
  • Internal Link Helper – This is just awesome – a one-click solution for searching and linking to other spots on your site.

For more on these changes, please refer to the WordPress Codex.

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