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Calgary SEO Expert Calgary SEO Expert Marketing Consultant | Internet Marketer Ace RashidAce Rashid, is the founder of Ace SEO Consulting. Ace is a highly sought after SEO consultant, trainer and digital marketing consultant.

Equipped with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, owning many off-line and on-line businesses and having over 20 years of experience in business marketing and application of modern technology, Ace has helped many business with improved search engine website ranking on major search engines.

With ethical small business consulting services and advanced Internet and search engine optimization strategies. As an SEO specialist, Ace will help you become a market leader and an authority in your business category as well.

Ace Rashid believes in continuous learning and staying current with Internet marketing, business and technology. Over the years Ace has taken the following courses…

  • Jay Abraham’s Direct Response & Internet Marketing Course
  • John Childer’s Million Dollar Speaker Training Course
  • Corey Rudl’s Complete Internet Marketing Boot-camp & Training
  • Mark Victor Hansen’s & Robert Allen’s Millionaire Wealth Institute Training
  • Web Server Maintenance & Security Training & Certification
  • Wed Development and Graphic Design

Before getting into consulting, Ace taught a series of Internet Marketing classes at San Diego Continuing Education System, such as…

  • search engine optimization,
  • search engine marketing,
  • email marketing and,
  • making money through blogging using Word Press

During his tenure as an instructor, many student urged Ace to start taking on private clients. Now, Ace provides Internet marketing training and consulting services for small to medium sized businesses.

As a professional SEO Consultant, Ace has been able to help many small businesses improve their website visitor traffic and ultimately their bottom line.

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