Frequently Asked Questions

What are Search Engines?

Search Engines are huge databases containing information about various web pages on the internet. Search Engines obtain the information on the web pages with their proprietary software or program known as spiders, bots or robots. Google is the world’s most popular search engine followed by YahooAsk and MSN/Live.

What are Search Directories?

Search Directories contain information on websites rather than on web pages. Human editors group websites into categories depending on the description given. The 2 most popular search directories are: Open Directory Project i.e. Dmoz and Yahoo Search Directory.

Why is it important to know about Search Engines and Search Directories?

The top 4 major search engines are: GoogleYahooAsk and MSN/Live.

What are the main Search Engines?

The top 4 major search engines are: GoogleYahooAsk and MSN/Live.

What is natural, organic or free result?

Most major search engines show two types of results for search queries. They show paid and non paid results. The unpaid / algorithmic listings are called the organic search results. They are also known as natural or free listings. Organic search results are organized by hidden quality score by search engines based on popularity and relevancy, which is largely determined based on page content, linkage data, domain age and trust related data among many other ranking factors.

Most people trust organic results and studies have shown that 60 to 80% of clicks are on the organic search results.

At Ace SEO, we aim to improve your natural or organic ranking through our professional search engine optimization services.

How do you start to rank my website?

We start by evaluating your keywords, your competition, your website structure and content. We do our own in-depth keyword research to see exactly what keywords people are using when searching for your type of product and or service. Together we develop a strategy to get your website top rankings on major search engines. This may include search engine optimization services such as: individual page optimization (aka on-page optimization), off page optimization, link building, directory submissions, article writing, press releases, paid search engine marketing services and whatever else (ethically) it takes to get your site ranking higher.

Is link building important for high search engine rankings?

Link popularity (the number of websites linking to your site) is one of the important factors in organic or natural search engine optimization. The more related links (quantity) pointing to your website and the more known and trusted (quality) links, the stronger your site will be considered by the major search engines.

How do I ensure that Google knows about my website?

Google only shows results from their existing index. So, you first priority is to ensure that your site is in Google’s database. Thereafter, you need to ensure that your website content is properly indexable. Avoid I-frames and having important links in un-parseable javascript. Also avoid having important content and information in flash, java, or other plug-ins.

If you are in doubt, you can run the following query to see how Google sees your website or web page:

NOTE: Just change the with your website name

Will my site be ranked if it is created in Flash?

NO. We believe in ethical SEO only, and don’t run after short-term gains. What is the point of ranking high if your site may get penalized or even removed from the index? We would not want that for our site then why would we offer it to our clients?

Do you use any black hat techniques for web site optimization?

NO. We believe in ethical SEO only, and don’t run after short-term gains. What is the point of ranking high if your site may get penalized or even removed from the index? We would not want that for our site then why would we offer it to our clients?

How long does the optimization process take?

This depends on the number of pages that are on the website, and the keywords we are competing for as well as your competition. Generally speaking, an average optimization campaign would take from one week to a few weeks for site-optimization, and then we wait for the spiders to come and index these pages. Once the spiders have paid visits, you should start seeing improvements in your ranking positions. However, it takes several weeks of consistent content and link building to realize the full effects of SEO campaigns.

Do you submit my site to the search engines as part of your service?

Yes. We submit your website information to various search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask, as well as many major and industry specific directories. All of our submissions are done manually to ensure success.

How does your guarantee work?

Our guarantee applies only to the Guaranteed SEO Services. Our guarantee does not apply to our Affordable SEO Services. For more information please visit our SEO Guarantee page.

What happens after you’ve attained top positions for my website?

Once the guarantee is met the contract is considered complete. Then, you have 2 choices:

  1. You may take the chance that your higher ranking positions will be maintained automatically without optimizing or
  2. You may want to sign up for our Monthly Maintenance Plan.

We all know that the future will only become more competitive and it would be smart and proactive on your part to continue to maintain your higher ranking positions. You already know that we work hard and we will continue to work harder to maintain and improve your search engine rankings so that you can continue succeeding in your online business.

How can Ace SEO Consulting guarantee search engine optimization services?

Nobody has a crystal ball or some secret special arrangements with the search engines. That’s why we don’t guarantee a specific ranking such as #1, or even 2 or 3. It would be impossible to guarantee and foolish on our part. Of course, that is what we would aim for, but we don’t control Google, Yahoo or other search engines. We are able to guarantee a top 10 position because we do the following. First, we know the critical ranking factors that are important to search engines (search engine algorithm) and, second, we monitor your competition. We can achieve and guarantee top rankings by continuously analyzing what is working and why, and making sure we utilize every legitimate search engine optimization tactic available.

How much do you charge for your search engine optimization services?

You offer various SEO services or you may want to contact us for a custom quote.

Can I do search engine optimization myself?

Sure you can. But you have to ask yourself whether it is worth your time since optimization is extremely time intensive. Would you rather focus on ranking your website, or building your business? However, if you do decide to optimize your website then take a look at Free SEO ClassesIt is a great site to learn SEO on your own.

What is pay-per-click marketing?

When a user searches for a particular search term, the search engine returns a list of organic or natural free search results along with paid results. These paid/pay per click (PPC) ads are usually displayed on the right hand side of the page and also many times on the top left hand side (top 3 with a pastel colored background) of the page. They are distinctly marked as Sponsored Results. Advertisers only pay when the ad is clicked on and NOT when the ad is displayed.