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Did you know that the Google search algorithm is so complicated that it has taken over 1000 man years of expert labor into development?

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Interesting Facts:

  • Each search ranking change has a dedicated search analyst assigned to study the impact.
  • Google algorithm changes impacts more than 100 languages and locales, everything from French to Swahili.
  • “Google Suggest” was renamed as “Google Auto Complete” in October of 2010.
  • Every month, Google publishes a list of all their latest algorithm changes. Take a look at those changes that occurred in February 2012.

How would you like to get information directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak?

Watch this video where the Google Search Team members meet at their California headquarters and discuss various complication to Google search, it’s algorithm and how to provide better results for the users by understanding searchers intentions as well as looking at typos and other such nuances.

This weekly meeting is made up of highly influential people such as:

  • Dr. Amit Singhal (Ph.D & Search Query Lead at Google)
  • Scott Huffman (Search Query Testing & Evaluation Lead at Google)
  • Lars Hellsten (Search Engineer, Spell Correction Team at Google)
  • Ben Gomes (Lead Search Engineer at Google)
  • Matt Cutts (Expert & Lead Spam Engineer at Google)
  • Dr. Pandu Nayak (Ph. D & Lead Search Quality & Query Understanding at Google)
  • Steve Baker (Lead Search Engineer, Ranking & Language Understanding at Google)
  • Paul Haahr (Lead Search Engineer, Query Ranking at Google)
  • Benj Azose (Lead Search Query Quality at Google)

About Google Search Quality Meeting

The “Quality Launch Review” meetings at Google headquarters meet on a weekly basis to decide when to make changes to their algorithm.

In 2011, Google ran over 58,000 quality test experiments and launched roughly 520 quality improvements.

It is nearly impossible to keep track of all the search and algorithm changes. Hence, if you need to improve your business and want to rank high on search engines then it is best to hire a professional SEO services firm.

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