How Many Search Algorithm Changes Does Google Make In A Year?

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As a professional SEO consultant, every now and then I am asked…
How many changes does Google make to it’s algorithm in a year?

Now, as a local SEO company providing local SEO services, our answer would generally be – Hundreds!

Lately I have had a lot of these types of questions. But, this time I wanted to be a little more specific and so, to answer this question with concrete proof, I decided to do some research.

Here’s what I found…
Google makes at least one change per day to it’s search algorithm – if not more.

I have already informed you about the Google’s weekly search quality meetings, now to answer the question about the number of changes Google makes to their algorithm, Google’s search engineer Matt Cutts responded that Google makes about one change per day to the search algorithm. While most of these changes are minor, they may not release those changes publicly each day, however; every few months Google rolls out a “major” algorithmic update that affect search results in significant ways.

Here’s the video from Matt Cutts that answers the question: “How many search algorithm changes were made in 2009?”

Another helpful post is from SEO Moz that shows Google Algorithm Change History in a chronological listing.

Knowing the dates of these Google updates can help explain changes in rankings and organic website traffic.

This should also provide an insight on the challenges faced by so many businesses who are looking to improve their business but can’t figure out why search engine optimization is a moving target and such a complex matter.

A professional SEO consulting firm can not only help you with online marketing solutions but can also help you increase your overall business through sound, ethical and affordable SEO services.

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