How To Choose A Domain Name?

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How to Choose a Domain NameFor those who are seriously interested in marketing online, getting the best domain name for your internet business or a good domain for your company should be of primary concern in getting the first step right.

Offline, stores provide visual cues for those driving by. Such as: a nice signage, photos of their products, products showcased on their window, etc.

Online, there is no way of providing a drive-by visual cue.
Hence, for a vast majority of the websites, a “search friendly” domain name is the best solution.

A “Search Friendly” domain would generally have a search term (keyword) in the domain name.

Suppose, you own a pizza delivery company in Dallas called Joeys. Naming your website may be good for branding, but it will limit you in gaining better ranking for the search query “Dallas Pizza”. Hence, obtaining the domain “”, “” or “ would be better choice.

However, it is quite possible you may find yourself in a situation where the ideal domain name is no longer available. Well, you are not alone. When helping my clients, I have personally found myself in the same situation, and so, I just become a little more creative in finding the right domain name. I suggest you do the same.

5 Tips in Choosing a Good Domain Name:

  • Use Short, Easy To Type and Remember Domain Names: Keeping domain names short and easy will help people in remembering your domain name and will avoid errors in spelling as well.
  • Use Keyword in Domains:Having your main keyword in the domain will not only help you convey your message but will also aid you in search engine ranking as well.
  • Avoid Hyphens and Numbers: Hyphens and spelled out numbers in a domain name lacks credibility and also indicates to users and search engines that it is most likely a spam website.
  • Pick Proper Extensions: With extensions, I mean top level domains or TLDs. If possible, stick with a domain ending with “.com”. The other alternative, if “.com” is not available, is  to go for a “.net”. Just like hyphens, domain names ending with .info, .biz, .tel, etc. are spam indicators.A TLD of “.org” usually indicates a charitable or not for profit organization, a “.edu” is usually saved for an educational (college or university) institution and; a “.gov” is usually saved for the government.
  • Avoid Free Domains: A domain name from a free site will portray to potential customers that you are cheap and have a hobby website instead of a business website. Besides, some sites providing free domains will run competing ads to recover their costs which will hurt your business.

I hope that this article on How To Choose A Domain Name will help you in picking the right domain for your business.

Good Luck Domain Hunting.

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