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In SEO…Content is The King, AND, Keyword is The Queen!

Are you optimizing the right keywords?

Do you know what keywords your potential client is searching for in order to find your product or service? Are you trying to optimize for too general terms, which would increase your competition for those keywords. Maybe, you might be optimizing for specialized terms and your potential customer might be looking for you using generic terms.

Are your customers able to find you?

After all, what is the purpose of ranking high for words that nobody is searching for. You might even be making things worse (without knowing) for your site with the search engines because you might be getting unqualified customers and they will come to your site, and back out by clicking the back button on their browsers because that is not what they are looking for. Too many bounces are not looked upon favorably with Google and other search engines.

Stop Shooting in the Dark!

There is a way to find out what keyword terms your customer is using to find your type of service and or product. Wouldn’t it be nice to optimize for keywords that a lot of people are looking for rather than just a few. How about knowing what kind of competition you have for that keyword.

  • What if you had access to a report that would tell you exactly what your prospects are typing to find your kind of business?
  • What if that report gave you the number of monthly demand (exactly how many people are looking for it in a month) of that particular keyword phrase?
  • What if the report also gave you an insight on the number of people trying to optimize the same keyword?
  • And finally, what if that report also gave you an indication or the likelihood of you ranking higher as well as your profit potential?

Would that kind of a report help you?

Ace SEO Consulting can do this extensive keyword report for you.

The main purpose of this report is to show those words that people are using to try and find your business and or services. Once you know what people are searching for, you can pick those words (keyword phrases) to optimize your site with. This way you are not shooting in the dark, and are addressing their actual needs of your market place i.e. your customers.

The only way to truly find out what people are searching for is by doing this keyword research.

This is a specialized Keyword Research Report for your industry. The in-depth keyword report will comprise of more than 5000 keyword phrases with vertical and lateral phrases in the report. It will include keyword phrases that your client is searching for, how many of them are searching for these keywords on a monthly basis and what your profitability is for that keyword along with your competition.

You will be able to do targeted marketing and optimizing. This report will be useful for all your marketing needs, including SEO, PPC, and all your other marketing needs.

Cost: $1500

Note: This extensive research report is included for all our clients who chose one of our Guaranteed Advanced Search Engine Optimization Services. However, this report is not included for our quality affordable search engine optimization services.

At Ace SEO Consulting, we come with the perspective of improving your overall business and tie in your business goals along with your website goals. When we take on a client, we feel that their success is our success. After we run this report, together we decide what is best for the business and then we come up with a game plan. When you hire Ace SEO Consulting, you are not just getting a search engine expert, but a business consultant who is truly interested in improving your search engine ranking, your business revenue and your overall profit. We are dedicated to your success.

When you succeed, we succeed.

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