SEO Maintenance Service

On Going Monthly SEO Maintenance Service

Once you have attained the high ranking, as per our guarantee, the contract is considered complete. Thereafter, we recommend our affordable Monthly SEO Maintenance Service.

Here’s Why…

As you probably know that search engine ranking depends on 3 important factors:

  1. The Search Engine Algorithm. Search engines regularly change their algorithms to keep the authenticity of the search engines. This is a good thing because it keeps the spammers and black hat SEO out, but at the same time it is looking for good ethical SEO to be continuing which would affect your websites positioning on the search engines.
  2. Your Competition. In order for you to get a top 10 position your competitor had to drop out of this position. If they are not paying attention they will continue to fall lower and lower. However, if they are doing their SEO efforts and you are not, you will begin to fall back and they will recapture their position.
  3. Your Own SEO Efforts. As stated above, if you don’t continue to do SEO someone else will be putting in their efforts to do their SEO.

These are the major reasons for changes in the ranking positions.

Simply put, if you want to continue to maintain your top ranking positions, you have to continue optimizing. Your competitors obviously will.

If you see the benefits of getting higher ranking, then we highly recommend you to sign up for our affordable monthly maintenance package. By now we should have already proven to you that we can get you ranking high for your industries most popular keywords. If we have got you this far, we can certainly help you maintain this position, but only if you choose to.

Our maintenance package is very simple. We continue to do what we do best, that is, optimizing your website so that you continue doing what you do best, that is, running your business.

Our Affordable Monthly Maintenance Package Includes:

  • Monitoring your search engine ranking positions
  • Provide monthly ranking reports
  • Continue to improve existing content as search engine algorithms change
  • On-going link building efforts to further secure your position
  • Recommendations and advice on additional content that may be needed, and the integration of that new content on your site.
  • Exclusivity. We will not work for any company targeting the same keywords that you are.

Monthly Fee: $500*
* Up to 10 Keyword Phrases; Thereafter, $50 for each additional keyword phrase.

IF you would like to gain top ranking for other profitable keywords, we would be happy to start a new campaign for you.
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