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Implement proven-to-work reputation management strategies to get more positive reviews, handle negative feedback with grace, and increase your website conversion rates.

Reputation Managment Services

Build Trust & Strengthen Your Business With Ace SEO’s Online Reputation Management Software

How customers see you and what they think of your company do matter when it comes to search engine optimization and the overall success of your business. It’s not enough to simply optimize content without having a proper analysis of feedback and reviews about your business.

Online Reputation Client Testimonial

"Our website has experienced substantial growth in online reviews and overall traffic. We’ve seen the traffic to our site double since their SEO efforts. The Ace SEO Consulting team’s effectiveness and responsiveness have fostered a continued, multiyear engagement."
- Lux Lakhu (Dealer Principal, High River Toyota, High River, AB Canada)

Suffice it to say, your online reputation plays a significant role in local organic search rankings. It encompasses online reviews, social media posts, forums, and other platforms that feature customer-driven insights. Having proper online reputation management provides you with the capacity to proactively oversee and handle the influence of your business’ branding.

What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online reputation comprises of reviews, comments, opinions, and just about everything pertaining to your business’ influence, branding, and perception in the World Wide Web. This is basically how the online community sees your business, which can be found from forums, online reviews, news sites, social media sites, and so on.

Going beyond all of those is Online Reputation Management (ORM), in which you are 100% mindful and aware of tracking and harnessing your online rating/score, as well as both positive and negative remarks, with the aim of gaining better rankings, increasing sales opportunities, and building trust and credibility among customers.

Here are the 3 key benefits of having online reputation management (ORM):

Builds trust and credibility among customers: Even if you shower your customers with pleasant and persuading words, they’ll still end up listening and following what their peers say about your business. Having positive reviews about your business spread like wildfire can immensely help in raising your sales and revenue. Not only that but by merely having a funnel for online reviews, you’re also showing your customers that you care about their experience with your products and services and are focused on making continuous efforts in improving.

Increase sales opportunities: By highlighting positive reviews and proactively managing negative reviews, you’re able to create sales opportunities alongside having effective SEO strategies put in place. Your business rises to the top of search engine rankings, and potential customers would automatically be more drawn towards your business thanks to your ratings and reviews.

Helps you identify windows for growth and progress for our business: Being completely aware of the good, the bad, and the completely ugly sentiments towards your business or your line of products and services to help in the formulation of new strategies and improvement of processes to be a better business altogether. These can serve as your guide in coming up with certain decisions, movements, and potentially revising your business plan as well.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends*

*As discussed in this Inc. article.

95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, and 93% of consumers use reviews to decide if a local business is worth their money.

Alongside efforts to provide quality products or services, success often boils down to what your audience learns about you through a simple Google search.

Whether your brand suffers from existing negative content or simply lacks customer engagement, an online reputation management strategy is the key to boosting your online presence and attracting new consumers.

In reputation management, failing to plan is planning to fail.

People don’t usually feel the need to share positive experiences, but they would leave you a negative review if they come across any problems while working with you.

This is how most businesses who ignore online reputation management completely, end up with 2-3 online negative reviews that are enough to sabotage their success.

Do you really need online reputation management services?

Other than being able to see online reviews on multiple platforms, your prospects are actively seeking these reviews, which is why you should actively work on getting them.

In the 21st century, online reviews mean much more than referrals. First, because you can control them. There is no way for you to know when a referral is coming, but there are things you can do to encourage your clients to leave positive reviews.

Second, because they can affect your business on a massive scale. One referral is just that — one client — but one positive review can affect hundreds of prospects and bring you all the business you want.

Stop Negative Feedback

On top of that, always being aware when there’s a negative review for your business and promptly replying shows your potential clients that you don’t shy away from solving problems. People understand that problems do come up, in any industry. What they want to know is that you won’t leave them hanging when they need you to solve a situation. By responding to a negative review, you can demonstrate the way you handle challenges, which makes a negative review work for you, not against you.

Remember this: your reputation is what other people think and say about you.

They are talking about you, your industry, your product, and your service.


Your customers.

Your competitors.

Your detractors.

Social media is filled with one-liners about

  • how good or how bad the service was at the local coffee shop
  • how awesome the cupcakes were at the local bakery
  • how awful the soup was at a local diner
  • how terrific the experience of buying a new car was
  • and more.

People ask for recommendations online from their friends and from the groups they belong to – like their network. Recommendations for a quality plumber, a trustworthy realtor, a better bank, a 'nice' place to buy a car, where to find a good landscaper, the best place to go for quality clothing, and more.

Online Review sites are filled with 1 to 5-star reviews that include detailed comments about that person’s experience.

Our experience has been that 95% of the people who have had an enjoyable experience with a company won't think to leave a review.

While the other 5% who had a negative experience will immediately go online, find a review site, and leave a bad review.

Knowing this, we decided to offer a simple solution. One that is so easy for you to use you'll wonder why you didn't work with us sooner.

Manage Online Reputation With Ace SEO Consulting

Here at Ace SEO Consulting, we have our own review management system through which we can track online feedback and reviews pertaining to your business.

We take care of your web presence and overall online reputation, so you can sleep soundly and have the peace of mind that your business is covered day and night.

Online Reputation Management is Important!

The likelihood that a consumer purchases a product with five reviews is 270% greater than that of a product with no reviews at all. (Spiegel, 2017)

A business’ online image is crucial regardless of what products or services it provides.

Think about it: Let’s say you have car troubles and need a mechanic.

Chances are, you’ll head straight to Google, Yelp, or Facebook to start your search. More often than not, you might only consider the first three or five mechanic shops that pop up on Google My Business within a reasonable distance from your home.

Then, you’re probably going to look at the reviews to make your final decision. How often have you visited a new restaurant or doctor’s office after seeing that they have a two-star status on Yelp or Facebook? If you have a choice, probably never!

For small businesses, reputation is everything, especially if you’re in the service industry. Whether you own a restaurant, medical practice, or hardware store, reviews can be one of the most significant influencing factors when attracting new customers.

Online Reputation Client Testimonial

"Working with Ace has helped my company grow by at least 30%. I get the results I want, and my clients do as well when it comes to ranking on search engines. Thanks for taking care of our SEO and online reputation!"
- Derek Mohajer (Founder, Grow Me Marketing, Calgary, AB Canada)

Earn More Reviews and Build Your Brand

This boosts your chances of appearing on page one of Google, which is as far as many customers will go on their search.

Also, having a more significant online presence reassures customers that you have an established brand and can be trusted with their money.

What if you could intersect negative reviews before they are published?

By targeting key sites that boost brand authority such as Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and more, we guide customers through the online review process without all the hassle.

Through our own unique platform, the process of garnering reviews is made easy through an easy, user-friendly approach.

Managing an issue with your online reputation gets harder as time goes by.

We aim to stop negative feedback in its tracks and give you a chance to solve the problem before it negatively affects your brand’s image and deters customers.

Our reputation software will monitor customer reviews on your preferred channels and informs you when a new review is posted almost instantly.

If a customer wishes to leave a good review, we make it easy by providing them with direct links to all of your review pages on a single platform.

If they plan to leave negative feedback, however, we intersect their review and give you a chance to solve the problem before it is published.

Our review management software will help you stay informed and create a thriving online community that vouches for you!

The software is independent and responsive, meaning that customers can review your business from any device with ease and efficiency.

Forget about spending time on tedious tasks like sending review requests to customers- the program will help you tactfully ask and remind customers for feedback.

Take control of your online reputation. Increase your customer base and double – or even triple – your earnings.

Our online review software combined with local SEO work and our knowledge about how to respond and communicate with your market will attract new customers to your business and leave your competition wondering, how you did it.

Contact us for a free assessment and find out your online reputation score today!

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"I had ace go through my website and let me know how I can rank higher in Google. He went above and beyond for me by providing me a detailed report about all different aspects of my business online and gave me detailed steps on how to get to the top. This guy knows what he's doing! He's experienced, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I highly recommend using him for any website / seo services!"

- Mumtaz Mirza (Landscape Contractor, Designer & Owner - Tazsacpes Inc;, Calgary Alberta)