Results Oriented SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization to Open Traffic Floodgates to Your Site

At ACE SEO Consulting, we do search engine optimization, commonly called SEO. Are you wondering what is SEO and how it works? Here's a simple explanation. SEO is the collection of methods used for getting your website and your business on the first pages of internet search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo without paying for advertising.

Results Oriented SEO Services

The ideal outcome of proper SEO is that content and web pages from your website will rank on the first page of Google for search terms related to your business.

Get award-winning Search Engine Optimization specialists working to put your website in front of potential customers.

Organic SEO Client Testimonial

"Our goals were to gain a higher ranking online and increase sales. Both goals were accomplished. They created multiple websites, managed them and marketed them get us maximum exposure on all search engines. They did all our SEO for all sites. I dealt with Ace as a project manager, a web designer, web developer, and a social media person. The team produced excellent sales and SEO results. "
- Shameer Suleman (Owner, Mani Krupa Inns & Resorts, Waterton Park, Alberta Canada)

An SEO Company That Can Get You on Page One

Here’s a simple test for you…Try to find your business on Google without typing your business name. Unless you’ve invested in SEO (and sometimes, even though you’ve invested in SEO), you probably won’t be able to.

And if you can’t find your business online, do you think your clients can find it?

Your lucky competitors — the businesses who do show up on page one of Google — are the ones who get the most business, guaranteed. If you want to be one of them, you can — you just have to find the right SEO company that can get you there.

The problem is: it could be challenging to figure out which SEO agency out of the hundreds in Calgary alone is the best choice. Which one will be able to show you results fast enough for you to see a reasonable return on investment (ROI) before your marketing budget melts away? And if there is but the slightest chance that your SEO investment has zero ROI, isn’t it better to just do ads? Is SEO even worth it?

An SEO Company That Can Get You on Page One

Is Search Engine Optimization the right thing to focus on?

There is a lot to Internet Marketing. For the first time in the history of business, we have so many ways to increase visibility, measure results, and achieve our goals quickly and affordable.

As an internet marketing agency, we know that it is normal for you to feel overwhelmed. Where should you focus your energy and your money?

Truth is this: For most businesses if you must choose one thing that will bring you consistent results over a long period, it is SEO.

Here's the fact: People are looking for what you're offering on Google. They are looking for you if you own a brick and mortar store and you want to get more customers to come to you. They are also looking for you if you're selling services, and are hoping to get more calls. Google is where people turn to look for anything and everything nowadays.

Businesses that show on page one of Google for the right keywords get the most traction and generate the most substantial revenue compared to their competition.

So, in short, yes, search engine optimization is absolutely the right thing to focus on. Arguably, if it's done right, SEO may be the only thing you need to get all the clients you can handle.

Why You Need ACE SEO Consulting to Do Your SEO Work?

Lots of people learn seo and try their hand at organic SEO with varying degrees of success. The proof of their work is their degree of success in obtaining continual high page rank for their clients.

Like any work, there are basics, and there are the details. In our experience, you need to know and routinely follow the basics, but top SEO companies in Canada know that ultimate success lies in methodically attending to the details.

The SEO consulting experts at ACE SEO Consulting will take care of every detail to get you the search engine ranking needed to bring customers to your door (or email inbox) and drive sales.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies That Gets You Sales

When SEO is done right, you will immediately know it. Your store will get packed. Your phone will ring non-stop. You will see consistent growth in revenue.

Here’s how we ensure your website is optimized for results, our step by step SEO plan.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Comprehensive Keyword Research by SEO Experts

What does keyword research mean?
Keyword research unlocks the search terms that are relevant to your product, service, and target customers. Your prospective customers are doing a query on Google; let ’s make sure that they see you instead of your competitors.

There's more to keyword research than you might think. Some keywords (general search term) attract people at a very early stage of research. Other search terms (specific or targeted keywords) are more appropriate for prospects who are ready to buy. For example, when somebody types in "apple" as a search term, Google, doesn't know if the searcher is looking for Apple, the company, or Apple, the fruit. Hence general or broad term keywords are of no benefit to you.

Google’s Keyword Planner is one of the best free keyword research tools that provide us with such insightful data. However, we use many other premium SEO tools to do our research. At Ace SEO Consulting, we do comprehensive, detailed keyword research to identify the best keywords and phrases for achieving your goals. High volume targeted keywords with low competition are where we will find gold!

Giving Prospects What They Want

Traditionally, SEO used to be all about creating content focused around keywords. Now, it’s much more complicated than this. You need high-quality content that people actually read. If your web visitors go to your website but don’t engage with what they read, they usually hit the back button quickly. This means:

  1. You’ve wasted money on getting traffic that doesn’t turn into paying clients, and
  2. Your Google ranking is now hurting because of the high bounce rate. Bounce rate is a factor that measures how many visitors out of 100 leave your website within a specific short period of time. Conversion and bounce rates are some of the factors Google uses when choosing whether to give you a page-one spot.

Writing Content (aka Copywriting) That Sells

High-quality content is one thing. Copy that makes people take action — a whole other. Our experienced copywriters know how to implement winning keywords and phrases into high-converting content, known as copywriting, designed to make web visitors take action.

How amazing would it be to have a copy that both attracts potential clients and makes the sales for you?

Organic SEO Service Client Testimonial

“Ace, great improvements. Our oil heater sales manager, Corey Holman, tells me he is working on six proposals at this time, so traffic has really picked up.”
- Terry Melot (Owner, Phoenix Oil Heater, Arizona USA)

How to Recognize a Top SEO Agency

Here's what separates the best SEO company from all the new-born SEO agencies out there, who promise you the world.

Goal Setting

Having “more” clients isn’t a great goal. Getting “more” traffic to your website isn’t, either. Ideally, an expert SEO company should be able to speak to you in specific numbers and even help you set specific goals for your business.

For example, when can you expect to get a high ranking or exactly how much more traffic you are going to get. Best SEO companies help you identify SMART goals. SAMRT goals have 5 elements: they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based goals.

SEO Techniques

Unlike other SEO firms, the SEO specialists at Ace SEO Consulting, approach SEO from all three angles. Technical SEO to get the website ready for crawling and indexing by Google; On-site SEO (aka on-page SEO) to improve the metadata of your website to show Google that your site has relevant content for what you want to rank for, and Off-site SEO (aka off-page SEO or website promotion) which is linking your website to high-authority platforms that show Google you’re a leader in your area of expertise. We do all of these behind the scene in an innovative manner using the latest SEO tools for maximum effect.


We only work with one business per industry per area. SEO is a marketing approach where competition matters — we can’t all have the top 5 spots on Google. If we work with you, to get you results, we will not work with any of your direct competitors. Most of our clients love this about us!

Tools and Reporting

While most business owners or managers don’t understand how results from SEO can be tracked, a premium SEO agency should be able to show you monthly reports on their work and the progress that has been achieved. As with any part of online marketing, SEO can be improved when regularly measured.

Realistic Budget/Costs

Cheap SEO or cheap marketing comes off the most expensive. Quality SEO services take time and consistent effort, which requires an investment. However, when done right, search engine optimization pays for itself and has been proven to provide you with the best ROI. If you’re focusing on working with an affordable SEO company, you may spend less of your hard-earned money upfront, but then have nothing to show for it.

Experience and Past Projects

If you are serious about getting results, only work with experienced SEO professionals who can show you the results they’ve achieved for previous clients. A professional digital marketing company has a portfolio of past projects showcasing website designs, online visibility, and marketing, SEO rankings, Social Media Promotions, Online Reputation Management, and more — ask to see it. Check out some of our SEO case studies and client success stories.

Awards and Recognition

Trusted and Best SEO agencies who’ve been around the block usually have won some awards or have been recognized in media.
At Ace SEO Consulting, we have won several awards for our marketing services, including…

Systematic and Unique SEO in Calgary from ACE SEO Consulting

At ACE SEO Consulting, we use a systematic optimization plan (our SEO link building bible) that our SEO experts and consultants have developed. In our years of experience, this approach gets the best results for each and every client, regardless of whether they are doing local SEO, regional SEO, national SEO, or international SEO. Here's a rundown of the step-by-step SEO process we follow with all of our clients.

Initial Overview and Site Audit

The first thing we check is if your brand name shows up in searches, and we want to make sure that if you are getting ranked that it is for pages that you want to appear on Google and the other search engines. And we check for the following:

  • Your brand name and reviews
  • Total indexed pages versus actual pages
  • Google Analytics to see which landing pages are popular and ranking the best
  • Repeat the same on Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Repeat the same test on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

The point is that we need to know how well, if at all, your site ranks. And in a world where more and more people access the internet with their smartphones, we need to know if your site needs to be optimized differently for different devices.

SEO Page Optimization Process

This part, known as the On-Page Optimization Process, looks at what Google and the other search engines “see” in your site. Do these things correctly, and your site ranks better with the possibility of appearing on page 1 of Google for your chosen search term. Do them poorly, and your website will remain at the back of all the searches at page rank number 4,893 forever!

Check and optimize both Meta title tags and Meta description tags

These should be little “summaries” of what is on your site or in an individual blog post. They should contain wording that is the same or very similar to the subject of the post.

Check for essential header tags (h1, h2, etc.)

Not only should your content be organized into logical sections, but also each section should have a proper heading that has to do with the content and uses the same or very similar wording. And, it should use the h1, h2, h3 format.

Check content to make sure that important target keywords are sprinkled throughout

The “keywords” should not only have to do with the subject of page or blog but should, again, be precisely worded. These keywords should be used throughout the content but not so often as to be a case of “keyword” stuffing, which Google detests.

Check for the URL structure and ensure clean URLs

URL stands for uniform resource locator. Your website address is a URL as are the web addresses that you will link to from your site. Get these addresses wrong, and paying customers will not find the page that they want and not buy your products or services. And, when your URLs are not done correctly, Google and others will punish you with a lower page rank!

Make sure that important pages across your website are cross-linked one to another

First of all, when you mention a product or service in a blog article, you want the customer to be able to go to that product or services with a simple click. Also, Google sees a logically organized website when connected ideas are connected with cross-links. And, Google will reward a logically connected site with a higher ranking.

Make sure that all website content is unique

Google will “penalize” duplicate content with lower page ranking. Customers will get bored when you repeat yourself.

Ensure the content is using AMP for mobile devices

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and allows content to load and display faster on mobile devices.

CTA or Call to Action Use

No matter how informative you make your website, you need to make sure to prod visitors toward buying things or at least making direct contact. This is the call to action, and it should be used correctly across your website.

The Architecture of Your Website

These are the technical details that only an SEO geek could love. And, they are essential to the proper operation and ranking of your site. We check all of these.

  • Make sure that site renders correctly on all browsers and devices
  • Check header navigation and content before the first fold
  • Make sure that footer links work properly
  • Search for Broken links
  • Check out 404 (page not found) errors
  • Look for 301 redirects (redirected URLs)
  • Make sure that content in iframes, Flash content, etc. work properly
  • And, a whole host of other SEO geek details as well

Website Speed

First, we look at how well and fast all parts of your site function, and then we make the necessary changes to make things work the best and fastest that they can. Here are the first steps.

  • Review page load times
  • Ensure caching is enabled for faster loading
  • Optimize images
  • Minify CSS/HTML
  • Ensure faster web hosting
  • Repeat all of this on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices

Accessibility and Indexing

Search engines like Google “crawl” the internet and look at all posted material. Your site needs to be indexed by them to ever show up in a search. We check this for you.

  • Check Robots.txt file
  • Cross-browser check
  • Check for existence of Sitemaps for users and for search engines
  • Ensure SSL is set up and website resolves and uses proper HTTPS URL
  • Ensure Google Analytics is on every page
  • Ensure Google Webmaster Tools Code is added and verified

Social Media Activities

More and more people communicate and get their information via social media. This is where your business needs a presence. Here are the things that we do to help you win the battle for social media attention.

  • Create 5 business social profiles for branding & online visibility
  • Create 5 relevant profile images and cover images for social media accounts
  • Set up & verify Google My Business (GMB)
  • Set up & verify Facebook Business Page
  • Set up & verify Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter Page (as required)
  • Set up LinkedIn Company Profile
  • Set up Alignable Company Profile

SEO Optimization for Calgary, Edmonton, and other Alberta Businesses

In the world of SEO, there are mediocre results, and there are exceptional or top page results. Businesses that routinely rank on the first pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, for searches that are pertinent to your business, are doing more than basic SEO. They are doing advanced SEO! There are two differences between the so-so variety of results and finding several of your pages and blog posts on the first page of Google. First of all, you need to work with a proven SEO expert with a firm grasp of the basics of this line of work. Second, you need to deal with someone detail-oriented because, in the world of SEO optimization, the results are in the details. For an initial overview and SEO site audit of your existing site or for help starting a new website from the ground up, contact us at ACE SEO Consulting today.

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SEO Client Testimonial

"Working with Ace has helped my company grow by at least 30%. I get the results I want, and my clients do as well when it comes to ranking on search engines. Thanks for taking care of our SEO and online reputation!"
- Derek Mohajer (Founder, Grow Me Marketing, Calgary, AB Canada)