Client Testimonials

At Ace SEO Consulting, we are very proud of the digital marketing services we provide to our customers. Our client relationship is drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. We look at our customers as an extension of our family, and their success is our success.

See for yourself what our customers have to say about us.

"Ace, Thank you very much for the classes on SEO and SEM.  My husband, Bill and I learned a lot on Saturday. Best regards."
Ann Sipperly
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"Ace, Thanks for the WordPress Web Design training - I set up a blog for a non-profit thanks to you."
Moses Zamora
San Diego Community College Student
"I would like to let you know that since attending both your weekend classes earlier this month, I've been working on setting up my websites and been consulting with two small business to help them with the internet marketing. To have attended those classes was one of the most well-spent weekend for me in 2010."
Quyen Tran
San Diego Community College Student
"the most trustworthy SEO company I have met, great knowledge in what they do, always eager to help out and go beyond needed for your business success."
Silver Palace Inc
Armen Norendzayan
Armen Norendzayan, Silver Palace Inc., Los Angeles, California, USA
"I have taken courses and training and nobody compares to you, seriously. Not only you know a lot but you know how to share it. Thank you for all you taught me."
Carlos Harper
San Diego Community College Student
"I would like to let you know that then after association with you I worked as Project Manager in a medium-size IT firm where I managed development work and simultaneously learnt a lot about SEO then joined as Product Marketing Manager where I learnt a lot about creation of Brand - promoting Offline & Online, managed to do Audit work, On-Page, Off-page etc. And then currently I'm working for an SEO firm as Sr. SEO. One thing I would really want to say that you've shown me the true path where I should walk through my life. I'm doing it and got success." You were a great teacher. Thanks & Regards,
Narendra Kumar Pankaj
Project Manager Ace SEO Consulting
"Ace SEO Consulting helped our business in so many ways. Ace is very reliable and the service is great!"
Estatelarge D
Estatelarge D
Estatelarge D.
"Ace, you are missed at SDCE. Thanks for the WordPress class - I set up a blog for a non-profit thanks to you."
Grace Decker
San Diego Community College Internet Marketing Student
"We have an online presence in the town that most people find us by a Google search. Before I wasn't there, now I am on top page! I have a nice website that works with word search, a video on YouTube, Facebook - the WORKS! I knew nothing about that sector of advertising and there is a lot to know but I knew I was in good hands with Ace SEO. We have way more traffic from the work they did, and the value in making my business more established is invaluable. A terrific value especially for how ineffective other forms of advertising are. If you need more business and don't want to waste your hard-earned money, let Ace help you out in getting your name out there! You know your business inside and out, well, Ace knows his. If you know little about SEO marketing as I did, Ace will patiently walk you through the whole process educating you along the way to success."
Allen Hayward
Renu Auto Appearance
"Two thumbs up for Ace SEO. Too bad Facebook only has one thumb up. I hope Ace doesn’t mind that I post this, but I wanted to share how patient he is with someone like me. When I met Ace, I didn’t know what he meant when he was referring “traffic” between street traffic and internet traffic. Thanks to Ace, I now got the traffics of my site from 224 unique visitors to an average of 16067 per month. That’s a lot of traffic. In my landscape design and gardening worlds – weed out the pretenders."
Roxy Kim Perez
Forget Me Not Landscape Design
"You have been incredibly helpful to me and I hope this gets us closer to our goal...Funny how I thought I was so clear in my business... that is until we started really trying to work on my website and getting clear clear clear.... which I so appreciate - Thank you"
Rhonda Mansuetti
Certified Wellness Coach
"Ace knows what he's doing when it comes to SEO. Any questions and concerns I had were always answered right away, and he guided me step by step on how google and SEO work. He also designed a BEAUTIFUL website for my business. I would highly recommend Ace SEO Consulting for any of your marketing and consulting needs!"
Candice Peel
Candice Peel
Candice Peel, Wink At Me Lash Studio, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
"At first, I couldn’t understand why people took Ace’s classes multiple times.  I’d encourage you to sit in his class to know why we are there.  He is an excellent, caring teacher who focuses on preparing us to work on our own in the Internet space.  He has motivated me to re-release a product that I developed and under-distributed in the late 80’s—pre-internet.  He inspires us to get out there and try; his quote today was, “Imperfect action is better than no action. Be in the race!”  When was the last time you were so directed by a colleague and moved to make a difference?"
Hallie Peterson
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"Ace is such a pleasant person to deal with and was always easy to reach and took as much time as I needed to clear things up. He made the whole process very easy. He’s a real pro, and I’m very happy I was referred to him. I 110% recommend him and his team!”
Re-Up Exteriors
Re-Up Exteriors
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
"I want to thank you again for your class. It is incredibly interesting to me and you do a great job of explaining such a complicated subject. I appreciate the way you answered my questions and I know you are making a big difference in a lot of people's lives. For sure you are in mine. A lot of people that may have little opportunity in life are given hope of a brighter financial future by your great teaching talent and knowledge."
Chris Thompson
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"I have taken more classes and nobody compares to you, seriously. Not only you know a lot but you know how to share it. Thank you for all you taught me."
Elsa Sifontes
San Diego Community College Internet Marketing Student
"Without hesitation I would & have recommended Ace. His knowledge & service show that he not only takes pride in his work but really cares about each person he deals with no matter how large or small the endeavor. I've a small operation but he treated me as if I had a multimillion dollar company. Thank you Ace!"
Brigitte Papp
Massage Therapist & Personal Fitness Trainer
“I am honored to be given the opportunity to let everyone know that as a new business owner; ACE, not only have built my website but also have given me hours of free consultation about the write up and articles of my business on my website as well. I would like to thank ACE for being part of my business and guiding me how to be more successful just by having a professional website. Thank you ACE and will always recommend ACE to every business out there.”
Kamela Darwish
Chestermere Montessori Academy
"Worked with Ace thorugh numerous clients. Excellent SEO services, and excellent communication."
Mouhamad Kadri
Mouhamad Kadri, Networking Essentials Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"Thanks a million for everything that you are doing for me in the development of my website and as a professional business associate."
Dr. Vauna Powell
Health Options By Vauna
"I manage the internet dept at T&T Honda and act as a general communications resource. Ace has been providing SEO advice and guidance on online marketing to T&T Honda. Ace's expertise is clearly based on extensive and ongoing research. Ace provides accountability by establishing clearly defined and measurable goals. Additionally, when recommending marketing strategies, he moves beyond broad guidelines and provides practical examples that we can implement ourselves at the dealership."
Drew Kotchan
T&T Honda
"Ace Rashid and his team at Ace SEO Consulting in Calgary designed a new mobile responsive website for my accounting firm. The site looks terrific, and I have received many compliments. He is also providing web hosting and doing SEO for me so that I can rank higher in Calgary for my accounting services. I am delighted to report that I have received quite a few inquiries since the launch of my website and their marketing services. They are the best, and I highly recommend them."
Karim Bharwani CPA
Karim Bharwani CPA
Karim Bharwani CPA, CA, Versatile Accounting, Calgary, AB, Canada
Ace put the two websites together for me so that I can save time. The website is also ready for additional changes to improve SEO, add in a payment system, and more easily add testimonials. Ace also added Google analytics so that my marketing person can more easily track how any new additions to the website or other marketing effect our customer reach.
Michelle Goerdel
Biz Loan Link
“Ace and his team have done a wonderful job for us. In just about a year our traffic has increased by 100%, which has generated more leads and better sales for us.”
Lux Lakhu, Dealer Principal, High River Toyota, High River, AB, Canada
Lux Lakhu
Dealer Principal,
High River Toyota
"Not only are they great at what they do, but Ace and his team are also easy to reach and very clear about the whole process."
Re-Up Exteriors
Shane Uzelmann
Shane Uzelmann, Re-Up Exteriors, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
"Ashif is dedicated, ambitious, result-driven individual and an absolute master when it comes to fixing and creating websites. After months of issues with the previous web developer, I went with someone else I knew personally. Ashif has worked after hours, provided valuable behind the scenes look at web development, and has been a mentor by providing information on blogging, design, and search engine optimization. I wish I had gone with ACE SEO Consulting sooner as he has undoubtedly highest integrity and customer satisfaction."
Alnoor Damji
Alnoor Damji
Alnoor Damji, Career and Life Coach, Calgary, AB, Canada
"Ace SEO Consulting provided 360-degree SEO services, handling a website revamp, and other marketing activities. The number of web visitors and the amount of revenue generated have increased markedly since Ace SEO Consulting was engaged. They are experts, but their meticulousness to details are true hallmarks of their work. Their consistent communication and responsiveness justified the investment and made them a valuable partner. I’m quite impressed with their work and honesty."
Helping Hands Family Movers
Austine Chukwuebuka
Austine Chukwuebuka, Owner, Helping Hands Family Movers Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“If your business is suffering or your revenue has dropped, then I highly recommend you consult with Ace at Ace SEO Consulting.”
Mo Kashanian YYC Tutoring
Mo Kashanian
CEO & Founder
YYC Tutoring
"Ace helped me see other options that I was not previously aware of. He explained the importance of SEO and how I might do things differently in regard to domain names, home page function and online business strategies. My partner keeps commenting on the incredible amount of positive comments about his innovative ideas and work ethic among the community."
Jessica Engel
Private Montessori School
"Overall I recommend Ace SEO Consulting. Great Service."
Top Gear Car Wash
Jameil Pujol
Jameil Pujol, Manager, Top Gear Car Wash, Calgary, AB, Canada
"Ace is very easy to work with. He knew a lot about this sector and was a wealth of information. I highly recommend his service to anyone that is looking for a complete service in online marketing and website development. Outstanding experience!! ?"
Cool Kind
Dean Smith
Dean Smith, Owner, Cool Kind Medical Prescriptions, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"Ace SEO Consulting created, marketed, and managed SEO campaigns for several websites. The team produced excellent sales and SEO results. They were prompt to reply to any issues I had."
Shameer Suleman
Shameer Suleman, Owner, Mani Krupa Inns & Resorts, Waterton, AB, Canada
“Awesome company to hire. They did wonders for us. Highly recommend the services of Ace SEO consulting.”
Asif Premji
Okotoks Honda
"Ace SEO Consulting audited a website, researched competitors, and developed a digital marketing action plan. The new strategies increased web traffic by 510% and raised public awareness of the company. Ace SEO Consulting continually improves by asking questions, discussing their strategy, and attentively tracking its results. Ace SEO Consulting has successfully put us on the map and brought our company to the next level."
Mumtaz Mirza
Mumtaz Mirza
Mumtaz Mirza, Owner, Tazscapes Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
"Ace has been very good at recommending and managing our SEO for the website. Our rankings have improved on Google. Glad to have you with us."
Case Studies High River Toyota
High River Toyota
"Ace! You’re awesome. I checked it myself and its all good to go! Thanks for getting all this done in a timely manner."
Ahmed Nayani
Manager, Sales & Marketing - Baymont Inn Red Deer, Alberta
Ace, Co-Founder of Tract Local is the BEST! The websites you create for me make my company shine. I thoroughly enjoy working with you because you are reliable and responsible and I always know you'll come through when I need it.
Nancy Mirr
MirrComm Advertising
"I'm in my fifties and I really appreciate teachers like Rashid who are so interested in sharing their knowledge. There are no teachers like him anywhere. I know, I've been in school all my life. He's not only knowledgeable but he's kind and given. He always gives more than he has to and that is priceless."
Elsa Sifontes
San Diego Community College Student
"Ace SEO Consulting created strategies to improve keyword rankings in Google searches and improve web traffic rates to boost business growth. The team continues to manage these efforts. As a result of Ace’s efforts, most keywords are ranking on Google’s first page, and the company is listed first on Google Maps. Responsive, collaborative skills, and an involved approach to the partnership help Ace determine the most profitable SEO strategies. Ace delivers on everything I ask."
Mo Kashanian YYC Tutoring
Mo Kashanian, Owner, YYC Tutoring, Calgary, AB, Canada
Mo Kashanian, Owner, YYC Tutoring, Calgary, AB, Canada
"Your classes in San Diego were packed with savvy details. I recommend them highly."
Patricia Rains
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
Nancy Mirr
Marketing Consultant @ Tesoro New Homes
"I just want to mention again what pleasure it has been taking your class & want to sincerely wish you well in your new ventures.  You are a consummate gentleman sharing all of your insights about very concrete way to make extra money, something that is very much needed now by my family. It's a gift that you gave without any askance and with much generosity.  I look forward to being at recipient of your webinars and/ or other presentations to keep us on our toes."
Ernesto Deutsch
San Diego Community College Internet Marketing Student
"I enjoyed working with Ace SEO. Ace is a professional and dedicated individual who has done my project very easy and enjoyable. Thank you, Ace, for all your hard work."
Mo Kashanian YYC Tutoring
Mo Kashanian
Mo Kashanian, YYC Tutoring, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"We have seen our listing improve on all major search engines. Our new website being developed by Ace SEO Consulting looks very promising and user friendly."
Hadi Lalani
Amtec Engineering
"Ace, thanks so much for all of your help you are a true blessing and I mean that. I wish we were neighbors. Blessings."
Michele Broad
Well Women Network
"I very much enjoyed your class on Saturday, especially the real life examples...Of all the marketing people I have encountered, and you would be an excellent fit."
Mary Rogers
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"Internet Marketing is a complex animal with many parts and pieces and Ace is a really good instructor who helps to bring it all together in a concise and palatable fashion. Ace has a lot of repeat students because he is a good instructor, has a passion for what he does and he cares about his students. Students don't feel left out in the cold after the class; Ace is very approachable for additional help when needed."
Nancy Mirr
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"Mr Rashid has done more to help me get my internet business successfully off the ground than any other individual. He has the ability to get to the point, and tell us in a very understandable way what we need to know to be successful."
Dennis Ingram
San Diego Community College Internet Marketing Student
"Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your Internet Marketing classes and have gotten a lot of new valuable information from them. I will be recommending them to some of my clients."
Kate Purdy
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"Overall, very happy with the results ace seo has provided my business in the last two years and has helped grow the company to new heights. I highly recommend this company for a job well executed."
Mumtaz Mirza
Mumtaz Mirza, Owner, Tazscapes Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
Mumtaz Mirza, Owner, Tazscapes Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
"Ace does an awesome job. He is a huge asset to the students and the college. A grateful student!"
Derek Searancke
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
“Working with Ace has helped my company grow by at least 30%. I get the results I want, and my clients do as well when it comes to ranking on search engines. Thanks for taking care of our SEO and online reputation!”
Tarek Mohajer
Tarek Mohajer
Grow Me Marketing
“Ace SEO Consulting has been very helpful and patient in making our online presence successful while making our vision and design come to life. Most importantly, he has taken the time to teach and explain strategies and has given us tips and tricks that let clients find us easily online. Much thanks to Ace and his team.”
Wall beds 'N' More Arizona
This is by far the best company I have worked with. I had been trying to get my website right for the past three years, no one was getting it done and I was frustrated. Then I met Ace and decided to give him a try. Ace put ease at the process of completing my website and went passed my expectations. They are fast and efficient. I highly recommend them. Thank you Ace.
Amber London
Glamour By London
Ace is a very knowledgeable SEO expert who knows his stuff! Whether your business is local or global, Ace will get your business noticed.
Pamela V Bell
Author & Speaker
"Ace SEO Consulting provides ongoing SEO support. They aid in creating a stronger online presence with their Google-based optimization strategies. The site has experienced substantial growth in online reviews and overall traffic. The Ace SEO Consulting team’s effectiveness and responsiveness have fostered a continued, multiyear engagement. They have a quick turnaround time whenever we have questions."
Lux Lakhu, Dealer Principal, High River Toyota, High River, AB, Canada
Lux Lakhu, Dealer Principal
Lux Lakhu, Dealer Principal, High River Toyota, High River, AB, Canada
Thank you for your generosity Ace!
Javier Islas
Federal Tax Strategies
"If anyone needs web development or e-marketing Ace is a wealth of knowledge and a business owner with integrity - highly recommend."
Aman Adatia
The Naaco Truck
"Your workshop in San Diego really gave me hope that I could see some of my website dreams coming true to help a number of people...I felt as if I was lit up like a pin ball machine - with great ideas."
Cynthia Hamil
San Diego Community College Student
“Great company, high efficiently and easy communication with clients. ACE always put Clients demand on the first place.”
Jessica Zhu
Chenhong Paint
"Before I met Ace Rashid the spa had a website in flash and so it could not be picked up by Google. It as was losing money. Ace advised, developed a new site and did the SEO for the spa and soon the site was on first page of Google. I was able to sell my business for a profit and now I have retired happily."
Nargis Asaria
Happily Retired Owner; Renous Day Spa
"These guys take care of what I need when I need it!"
Dana Golden
Golden Coin Company &
"Ace and his team are amazing. They help me with my online jewelry business. In such a short time, we got great results. They are easy to work and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Ace."
Norman Nourani
Norman Nourani, Owner, Silver Depot, Los Angeles, California, USA
"I attended so far two classes of Mr. Ace Rashid, and I like them; I will be there for his last ones, but I would love to see him teaching via webinars."
David Gmach
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"Hi Ace, That was a great class...again! Thank you so much."
Michael Peters
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"Thank you Ace SEO Consulting for everything! Our website's visitor traffic exponentially increased by over 5 times in just a few short months. Thank you for your professionalism and awesome customer support. We look forward to continuing our business relationship and continuing growth. Thanks again."
David Salinas
San Diego Puppy
"Thank you Ashif for your good heart. Your classes have given me hope for my life's work to make good marketing of my new website to promote women's art and green tools at the local/village level worldwide. Your classes have been very important to me. You have made a great contribution to my life's work. Blessings."
Alethia Genny LaMorgan
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"We have worked with ACE for 5 years now, and it has a seamless relationship. Sales have gone up. They have been great to work with for any issues we have faced. I highly recommend them!"
Mani Krupa Inns & Resorts
Shameer Suleman, Owner, Mani Krupa Inns & Resorts, Waterton, AB, Canada
Shameer Suleman, Owner, Mani Krupa Inns & Resorts, Waterton, AB, Canada
"I really enjoy your classes and have learned a lot and thank you"
San Diego Community College Internet Marketing Student
"Ace and his team are very pleasant to deal with, and they were always easy to reach and would take as much time as I needed to clear things up. They made the whole process very easy. They are real pros, and I am pleased I was referred to them. I 110% recommend Ace and his team!"
Re-Up Exteriors
Marty Draper
Marty Draper, Re-Up Exteriors, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
"I have been to your classes and have really been impressed with your knowledge and insights."
Elaine Greco
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student
"I had ace go through my website and let me know how I can rank higher in Google. He went above and beyond for me by providing me a detailed report about all different aspects of my business online and gave me detailed steps on how to get to the top. This guy knows what he's doing! He's experienced, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I highly recommend using him for any website / seo services!"
Mumtaz Mirza
Landscape Contractor, Designer & Owner - Tazscapes Inc., Calgary Alberta
"Ace has done more to help me get my internet business successfully off the ground than any other individual. He has the ability to get to the point, and tell us in a very understandable way what we need to know to be successful."
Kenneth Fitch
San Diego Community College Student
"A great SEO company that we have partnered with to deliver excellent results for client rankings and leads!"
Growme Marketing
Tarek Mohajer
Tarek Mohajer, Founder, Grow Me Marketing, Calgary, AB, Canada
“Ace, great improvements. Our oil heater sales manager, Corey Holman, tells me he is working on six proposals at this time, so traffic has really picked up.”
Terry Melot
Phoenix Oil Heater
"Believe it or not, I have over 1.4 million readers right now. To think that I started that blog in your class! June 2009... If I become rich and famous I owe it all to you! Are you ever coming back? We miss your knowledge and your tips. Como back and teach us the latest! We need you!"
Elsa Sifontes
San Diego Community College SEO & Internet Marketing Student