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New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman ScottThe latest book from David Meerman Scott, author of “The New rules of Marketing & PR” is already in print and will hit the book stores in September. Some are now calling The New Rules of Marketing & PR a modern business classic.

What’s new in the third edition?

  • New examples and stories
  • How-to information on measuring success
  • A new chapter on mobile marketing
  • New chapter on real-time marketing & PR

What did not change?
One thing that doesn’t change in any of the editions is the concept that the Web is an essential way to market. The idea that you no longer have to rely exclusively on buying advertising and begging mainstream media to cover you is liberating!

Creating great content (a YouTube video, an article, a blog post, ebook, photo, infographic, and the like) truly brands an organization as one that’s worthy of doing business with.

Who is David Meerman Scott?
David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, seminar leader, and the author of seven books published in more than 30 languages.

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